Why not
and lose yourself in the
Waking World
where the Hidden Power is seeking mastery
through Uncle Morthrir.
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to the challenge of Kyros' words:
Kyros pulled Princess Lenyé to her feet and whispered…,
‘One of us has to escape and bring Uncle Morthrir to justice, whatever that takes.
Otherwise he will destroy the Krêonor and ruin all we stand for.’
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with Lenyé as she is empowered by the Prophetess
to recover the Lost Blade of Zerigor
and destroy the Hidden Power.
with her as she escapes from her usurping Uncle
and seeks to raise an army to challenge him.
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with Kyros, her betrothed cousin,
as he is forced to descend into the Realm of Travail.
with him as he faces the seven tests
set by the True King.
with him in his struggle against
the Hidden Power.
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with Lenyé as she battles to defeat her Uncle's warriors.
with her as she loses everything she has ever trusted in.
Will Kyros
be able to understand the Ancient Writings in time
to re-unite with Lenyé and counter their Uncle's words of power:
"Let the Hidden Power of my Lord Abbérron come to me!"
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