K K Sutton

Kevan Sutton has lived in Guildford, Surrey, for at least half of his life, and is married with three grown up children. He has worked as a consultant to large multinationals for a number of years, and is now using his skills in writing. Of his own work he says: “I love to create using words, ideas, and names to draw the reader into a memorable imaginary world.” He has developed his writing skills through evening classes, writers’ workshops and seminars, and regular attendance at the annual Winchester Writers’ Conference. His early loves in reading included JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis and Lewis Carroll, and he has decided to return to the genre for his own writing expression; not to emulate but to develop his own brand of interconnecting Realms.

All three books form an integrated story in the fantasy trilogy known as The Restoration of the Crown of Life and should be read in the correct order for maximum enjoyment.

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